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Why Social Capital Matters

At R360, wealth is far more than dollars and cents. This white paper by R360 Managing Partner Charlie Garcia explores the importance of Social Capital, one of the six forms of wealth.

Next Generation Engagement: Steward or Consumer

R360 is pleased to share this white paper written by our strategic partners, Succession Advisors. Founded by two professionals who support some of the world’s most successful and high-profile families, Succession Advisors provide our members with content like this article, which discusses how to give children the opportunities of wealth while guarding against entitlement and other ills.

How to Build Lasting Family Wealth

Why do so many families go “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” in three generations? More importantly, what can they do to ensure that the values that helped create the family's wealth convey along with the assets? According to R360 Managing Partner Michael Cole, the successful transfer of wealth depends on both strategic and tactical planning. Here’s how to ensure that future generations are responsible stewards of their legacy.

Disinherit Uncle Sam: Your Estate Can Serve a Higher Purpose

This white paper by R360 Managing Partner Michael Cole explains how an estate plan can be an instrument of purpose, ensuring the wellbeing of one's children and creating a better world for all.