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Membership Nomination

If you would like to share the benefits of R360, you are welcome to nominate two people annually for membership. Here’s an overview of the Membership Committee’s rules and procedure for nominations.

Step One

Check Eligibility Requirements

Because membership in R360 is limited to just 500 individuals, the Committee’s bar for consideration is necessarily high. Essential qualifications for membership include:

Alignment with our values, integrity, reputation in the community, and business acumen

Personal net worth in excess of $100M (on average, members’ net worth exceeds $200M)
Note: The Membership Committee may consider a nominee who does not yet meet the net worth threshold but is on a growth trajectory to swiftly satisfy the requirement.

Step Two

Submit your nomination

Please complete this brief, online nomination form. On the form, you will be able to select how the next steps will be communicated to your nominee.

Open Nomination form

Step Three

Consideration by Nominee

In addition to the notification email or call, your nominee will receive an invitation with instructions and login credentials for our prospective member site, which will enable them to explore R360 and determine whether they would like to pursue membership.

Here’s a sample of what your nominees will see when they log in to the prospective member site:

Preview website
Unique "Speak-Easy" Entrance
R360's Value & Philosophy
Membership Details

Please note that the nominee must consent to the confidentiality agreement before accessing the site. Also, because the invitation to apply is a limited-time opportunity, access to the site will expire 72 hours after the prospect’s first login. If your nominee does not apply for membership within this 72-hour window, he or she will not be able to apply for membership again for at least 60 days.

Step Four

Application Review

If your nominee applies for membership, the Membership Committee will review it. If the Committee advances the nominee’s application, he or she will be subject to a background check. Once the background check is complete, the nominee will advance to interviews with R360 leaders and members.

The Membership Committee will keep the nominee apprised of their progress, and you will both be notified when they have reached a determination