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R360 probably isn’t for you.

That’s intentional.

Please don’t be offended. R360 isn’t right for most people, no matter how much money they have, what they’ve done, or whom they know. But if you’re one of us, you’re in the right place.

R360 is a by-invitation-only, member-run league of the rarest of individuals. It is an oasis for “restless victors,” exceptionally accomplished people who want to grow wealthy across the full spectrum of human capital: financial, intellectual, social, human, emotional, and spiritual. Whether they’re passionate about cryptocurrency, longevity, philanthropy, raising the next generation of compassionate, responsible leaders, or exploring the world, R360 gives members unprecedented access to the people, resources, and experiences that open the door to greater understanding and joy.

Actually, I think R360 could be for me.

Who is R360 for?

Who is R360 for?

R360 is an oasis for exceptional individuals and their families.

What makes them “exceptional”? First and foremost, it’s their character. Our Membership Committee looks for people who exemplify these values:


Entrepreneurial Grit




Generosity of Spirit

Second, because our world needs women and men who combine character with the resources to pursue audacious goals, members of R360 have a net worth above $100 million.

We know there aren’t a lot of people who meet these qualifications. That’s why membership in R360 is reserved for 500 people in the United States and 500 internationally.

Our purpose is to architect an oasis for strategic wealth creators and their families to flourish.

Where is R360?

R360 has established regional chapters in major cities and is adding more as our membership grows. However, members can enjoy the full complement of R360 benefits no matter where they’re based

Why do people join R360?

People who meet R360’s eligibility requirements have many options for spending their time. So, why did our members put up with the (admittedly) arduous admissions process and, once selected, commit to a three-year membership?


The R360 Manifesto

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Preview of the R360 Manifesto Video


…R360 enables them to increase their wealth across the Six Forms of Capital: Financial, Intellectual, Social, Human, Emotional, and Spiritual (learn more).

…They and their families enjoy unprecedented access to life-changing people, resources, and experiences.

…They can be themselves amidst their peers in a no-solicitation, member-run community.

…Their families master the transfer and stewardship of wealth from one generation to the next while raising the next generation of compassionate, responsible leaders.

…They’re serious about having a good time and leaving a great legacy.

There are a lot of other membership organizations. There’s only one R360.

Who are the members?

Who are the members?

We have a strict privacy policy, so we can’t share the names of our members. We can, however, tell you a little about them and share their thoughts.

“I joined R360 for my family, not just me. My daughter participates in the Women’s Committee and Rising Leaders events, and my son-in-law is on the Crypto and DeFi Committee. Through R360, we’ve all made life-long friends and life-changing connections.”

US 006 / manufacturing / florida

“Success depends on the people you surround yourself with. R360 brings together endurance athletes, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, philanthropists, and leaders from every industry who challenge you to achieve more for yourself and others.”

US 040 / consulting / florida

“The R360 Legacy Film that we created is a treasure for our family. It helped us give voice to the values we cherish and will inspire future generations to live lives worth living.”

US 008 / Finance / florida

“The reason I joined R360 is that it’s a peer-to-peer group that helps me free up my time. We’re all very busy, and by having the right people and resources in one room, you can get results for yourself, your family, and your business in a much shorter period.”

US 065 / Real Estates / florida

“If you want to be around incredible individuals who want to make a significant impact, leave legacies, and make a difference while having a lot of fun, I encourage you to consider joining us at R360.”

US 007 / real estates / florida

“R360 allowed me to fully open up, discuss problems and successes, get cheered on when I needed it, get critical feedback when I needed it, get the hug when I needed it, and also get the “slap” when I needed it. It’s been critical to my success.”

SEA 001 / consulting / Singapore

The R360 Archetypes

The R360 Archetypes

While all our members are extraordinary, multifaceted individuals, our work suggests that they can be better understood as a combination of two (primary and secondary) distinct Archetypes.

Each R360 Archetype has a unique set of gifts as well as opportunities and challenges that flow from them. These opportunities and challenges manifest in their profession, relationships, and personal life.

Our Archetypes Assessment is designed for use with UHNW individuals, so it may not produce reliable results for the general population. However, if you’d like to try it, we are pleased to share this proprietary tool with our compliments along with our guide to interpreting your results.

Membership in R360 is by invitation. For more information, please contact us.

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