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Global Guardian

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Through our partnership with Global Guardian, R360 can provide an Annual Duty of Care Membership that gives you a comprehensive suite of travel, medical, and emergency response services.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and operating seamlessly around the globe, Global Guardian identifies, monitors, and responds to threats in real-time. While other services rely on third-party operators, Global Guardian dispatches its own local ground teams. These professionals have backgrounds in military operations, special forces, intelligence, and federal law enforcement and possess foreign language skills and regional knowledge. They can respond to any emergency you may encounter anywhere in the world and deliver a premium level of care.  

Your Duty of Care membership has a retail value of $10,000. For R360 members, the cost is broken down by family size:

  • 1 Individual - $2,700
  • 2 Individuals - $4,500
  • 3 Individuals - $6,750
  • 4 Individuals - $8,100
  • 5 Individuals - $9,000
  • Each additional member is $1,350

24/7 Operations Support Center

  • Security advice from trained professionals
  • Global emergency line
  • Consular advice
  • Customizable operating procedures to complement your existing security measures with a virtual operations center
  • Real-time translation and interpretation services

World-Class Medical Support

  • 24/7 access to telemedical advice from board-certified physicians
  • Emergency prescription assistance
  • Integration with corporate health insurance
  • Medical intelligence and hospital referrals

Worldwide Emergency Response

  • Management and coordination of incidents, emergencies, and evacuations globally
  • Emergency guarantee of payment
  • 4,500 in-country security assets covering over 130countries
  • Access to a network of 7,000 vetted hospitals and clinics
  • Rapidly deployable passenger and cargo aircraft
  •  Post-emergency business continuity SOP review
  • Local knowledge and years of operational experience

Global Intelligence

  • Access to a team of experienced intel analysts
  • Pre-trip travel intelligence
  • Destination risk reports upon request Membership add-on services include:

Travel Management – Tracking Application

The Global Guardian Mobile App includes:

  • The Global Guardian Mobile App includes:
  • GPS location sharing
  • Panic button
  • Check-in functionality
  • Travel alerts
  • Pre-travel destination briefing
  • Two-way communication

Air Ambulance – Medical Evacuation

  • Medical evacuation protection with no claim forms, deductibles, or exclusions for pre-existing conditions.
  • You’re fully covered as long as you’re at least150 miles from home.
  • You will be flown to the hospital of your choice(not just the nearest one), and you can access board-certified physicians through telemedicine consultations.

Customized Security Services– (Available with Exclusive Membership Pricing)

  • Kidnap and Ransom Solutions
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Residential Security
  • Executive Protection and Discrete Agent Services
  • Custom Intelligence Reports