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Our Story

R360 founder Charlie Garcia had a clear vision. Drawing from his experiences in YPO, Vistage, and Tiger 21, he saw the need for a member-owned, member-led community where wealth creators and their families could navigate the unique challenges of leading significant family enterprises. Under the mentorship of Bill George, the leading authority on peer-to-peer groups and author of the seminal book True North Groups, he gained new insights during a one-year fellowship at Harvard.

As part of Harvard's selective Venture Incubation Program, Charlie's team interviewed over 100 ultra-high net worth families to tailor his vision to their needs. Using this valuable feedback, Charlie launched R360 with 50 founding members.

Six months post-launch, R360 welcomed Michael Cole, author of More Than Money to the founding team. His experience facilitating over 500 family meetings for UHNW wealth creators was instrumental in shaping the organization. Next Barbara Goodstein, a former CEO of Tiger 21 and already an esteemed R360 member, brought her experience to the table.

Today we proudly count over 100 members, each leading a family enterprise valued on average at $400 million. This isn't privilege; it's responsibility. We are curating a global force of 1,000 families, each chosen for their demonstrated spirit of generosity and entrepreneurial grit, united as a force for good to tackle the world's greatest challenges and leave an enduring impact on humanity and the health of our planet.

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