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Unique Benefits

In addition to our core membership benefits, we offer these distinctive benefits for you and your family:

Legacy Film

As an R360 member, you have a unique opportunity to tell your life's story through the lens of an award-winning filmmaker. This film is far more than a testament of your life – it's a vessel carrying your experiences, family history, and cherished values for generations to come.

Priceless Events

Our specialized programming includes access to best-in-their-field speakers, unique programs, and locations that are not widely available to non-members. Past events have included pre-release film screenings and conversations with the film's main characters, and conversations with the world's foremost expert on anti-aging technology.

Family Meeting Mastery

Leveraging R360 partner Michael Cole's three-decade expertise having facilitated over 500 UHNW family office meetings, we offer a distinctive approach to topics like estate planning, philanthropy, and succession planning. Our process champions shared decision-making, fostering generational bonds, with an emphasis on understanding a family's core purpose and values.

Wealth Management Strategy Optimization

If you're navigating a liquidity event, planning your exit strategy, or reevaluating your wealth advisor, we can guide you to the perfect advisory firm fit. We provide a comprehensive approach: from understanding your unique needs to presenting the best matches via an "escorted auction" process. Guided by James H. "Jamie" McLaughlin, with 30 years in wealth advisory, he’s the founder of J.H. McLaughlin & Co., co-founder of the UHNW Institute, and a key figure at renowned institutions. He’s also the recipient of the 2021 Family Wealth Report Lifetime Achievement Award.

Life Purpose Discovery

Your purpose is your brand - the magic that makes you tick. It’s not what you do, not how you do it, but instead why you do it. Charlie Garcia will guide you through a program, taught to him by his mentor Bill George, to crystallize your life's purpose and create a blueprint to fulfill your legacy.

The Night Owl Publication

Our bi-monthly publication transforms complex world events into clear narratives, highlighting trends, risks, and market opportunities. More than a publication, it's a guide through economy, science, and society.

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