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R360 is about making a difference.

“If you want to be around some of the most incredible individuals, those who want to make a significant impact on this world while having a lot of fun, I encourage you to join R360.”

Don Wenner
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R360 is for family.

“R360 is not about the individual. It involves our kids to be part of an ecosystem that is part social, intellectual, financial, and spiritual.”

Darmaan Aden
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An opportunity for travel and purpose. 

“We believe R360 is a great way to give our kids the experience of learning what kind of legacy they want to leave, and it’s about giving my husband and I an opportunity to travel.”

Ivette Moses
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The value of group meetings.

“The main thing I get from R360 is motivation. Every time I leave one of these meetings, I am super energized.”

Dan Kasal

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