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Angel Alvarez

Member no. 006

“In every great journey there are so many unknowns. R360 allows individuals to stay focused on what’s important.”

Don Wenner

Member no. 007

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Hillel Presser

Member no. 000

"My wife and I have made such great, long-lasting friendships with other R360 members. They are some of the most incredible people in the world."

Brian Sidman

Member no. 065

“I love being part of a group that wants to give back and do good for others.”

Chris Shonk

Member no. 057

“Unlike other peer membership groups, at R360 no one is trying to pitch you or sell to you. At R360 you come to learn and collaborate. You’re going to have a great time and be a better human being.”

Sofia Castro

Member no. 060

“Spouses get as much out of R360 as the members do. I am a member and a spouse of a member, and I can tell you that spouses make incredible friendships, learn a lot about business, and get to discuss life issues that you might not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else.”

Ivette Moses

Spouse Member no. 040

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Darmaan Aden

Member no. 027

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Britnie Turner

Member no. 072

“Contributing and making a difference in the lives of others embodies the spirit of R360 membership, a philosophy deeply resonant with my core values and the principles my family and I hold dear.”

Dan Kasal

Member no. 003

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