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Core Benefits

R360 Membership Benefits enhance every area of your life. We engage not only you, the member, but your spouse, significant other, and children.

Chapter Meetings

At the heart of R360 is the transformative power of our Chapter Meetings. These meetings are an alchemy of Financial, Intellectual, Social, Human, Emotional, and Spiritual capital. It's here where you, alongside your peers, share experiences, offer insights, and craft actionable strategies. It's a space where your growth becomes a collective journey.

Next-Generation Engagement

Guiding the next generation to become responsible, generous, and grounded custodians of wealth is no easy task. But with R360, you're not doing it alone. We're here with the resources, experts, programs and immersive events that help instill the skills for building and safeguarding wealth, along with the values needed to wield it responsibly.

Member-Hosted Travel

R360 ignites life-altering journeys to the world's most captivating destinations, including Morocco, Israel, and Necker Island. As guests of an R360 member with in-depth local knowledge and connections, you and your family gain entry to experiences, people, and places usually barred to the public.

The R360 Membership App

Members stay connected with our exclusive R360 App—our digital hub for the latest news, updates, and more. Members can seamlessly manage their chapter meetings, find updates on upcoming events and trips, and foster connections with other members though our comprehensive member directory. Plus, the app allows members to access our vast library of publications, webinars, and thought leadership all in one place.

Interest Circles

R360 offers member-run Circles for people who share your interests. Some of our current active Circles include:

The Rising Leaders Circle:

Programs and immersive events for young adults to forge connections with peers who share similar opportunities and challenges.

The Women’s Circle:

Led by managing partner, Barbara Goodstein, these curated events, unique travel opportunities, and personalized social gatherings foster connection and growth.

The Health, Wellness, and Longevity Circle:

Together this group explores evidence-based protocols for expanding “healthspan” and living longer, disease- and disability-free lives.

The Market Opportunities & Risks Circle:

In this round-table discussion forum, members present and learn about actionable investment opportunities from experts in their respective asset classes.

The Philanthropic Circle:

Members share best practices and ideas for increasing the impact of their charitable giving.

The Aviation Circle:

Makes private aviation more efficient and accessible by maximizing the collective buying power and assets of the R360 community.

The Adventure Circle:

Whether it’s heli-skiing, sailing, rafting, or other outdoor fun, this group offers exclusive, member-hosted experiences.

Young Family Circle:

Because it’s never too early to start, our R360 Young Family Circle curates experiences that foster idea-sharing, friendships, and togetherness for parents and kids under 10.

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