The R360 Archetypes

R360 members adhere to shared values and live by the same code. But what truly distinguishes them from their peers is that they are all “Restless Victors”— leaders whose success has brought them immense wealth but who aspire to do still more. All Restless Victors want to feel a sense of purpose, spend their time and resources intentionally, become the best possible example of themselves, and leave meaningful, enduring legacies.

While the Restless Victor is a helpful umbrella concept for understanding the membership, our work suggests that the individual members can be better understood as a combination of two (primary and secondary) of these distinct archetypes: Seekers, Adventurers, Altruists, Olympians, and Sages. These archetypes are not a taxonomy superimposed onto our organization. Instead, they’re more like our members’ self-portraits, derived from self-assessment and self-perception. Each is an emergent product of their self-defined purpose, stories, and legacy.

Purpose: What they were born to do
Stories: How they explain their lives to themselves and others
Legacy: What will live beyond them

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