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January 24, 2022

Barron's: A Club for the Super Rich Offers Unbiased Advice

Barron’s featured the launch of R360, giving an inside look at membership.


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Barron’s featured the launch of R360, giving an inside look at membership. Article highlights include:

  • Nine billionaires have been turned away from joining R360 because they didn't share the club's core values or wanted to use it for business purposes.
  • R360 encourages members to allocate their time: one-third on business and investments, one-third on passions and family, and one-third on fulfilling life purposes.
  • Members can participate in monthly video calls to present market ideas, although R360 is not a money manager or financial advisor.
  • The club provides free access to due diligence services from Conway Investment Research, valued at $120,000 annually, which justifies the $180,000 three-year membership fee.
  • R360 membership includes families, with programming directed towards all family members to help align their values while sustaining their wealth.

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Disclosure: R360 is not an investment adviser. Information provided within is for educational purposes only and should not be construed, nor is intended to be, investment advice or a recommendation to invest in any types of securities. R360’s views are subject to change at any point without notice. No investment decision should be made based solely on the content herein and only a financial professional should be engaged for providing investment advice and recommendations. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.

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