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March 28, 2023

Business Insider: This exclusive club for the ultra-rich is on the search for immortality

Business Insider

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R360’s Health, Wellness, & Longevity Circle is actively pursuing longevity through preventative care, scientific exploration, and investments, with a focus on pushing the limits of human lifespan.

Article highlights include:

  • R360, a club for the ultra-rich with a $100 million net worth minimum, focuses on wellness and longevity.
  • Led by Peter Fioretti, the group aims for preventative care to maintain health and extend lifespans.
  • Fioretti, at 63, reversed his cardiac age by 25 years through lifestyle changes and aspires to live to 120 with full faculties.
  • R360's Wellness and Longevity Circle explores scientific approaches, touring biotech labs and studying anti-aging research.
  • Members have access to top experts, including a "scientific ambassador," Professor David Sinclair of Harvard's anti-aging lab.
  • Some members independently invest in anti-aging endeavors, such as apps monitoring health, stem cell research, and deep meditation.
  • The group acknowledges potential scams in the longevity industry, conducts thorough research, and is selective in its investments.

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